Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kohav Nolad, a special program of Art City, and some publicity for Art City

One project that Art City began last summer (2009) was to sponsor a local version of the Israeli TV show "Kohav Nolad" כוחב נולד   (like "American Idol" in the US) in which local talented singers compete.  The competition is open for 13 to 20 year olds.  Last summer, when the Art City initiated this program, they did allow a 12-year-old to compete, and she won the contest.  I gather she has an amazing voice.  She has sung in several different events here, including Israel Independence Day and Kiryat Malachi's amazing 60th Anniversary event, which Adam Schwartz and family (from Phoenix) attended.

There have been at least 3  auditions so far, and I attended part of one yesterday, July 19, in the music room of the MATNAS (community center).    Guy (the music director of the bands) and two or three other people were there to judge including Hila Kordana.  She has been videoing all the entrants with the video-camera donated by Ken Brandis of Tucson.

 Two of the men took turns playing a synthesizer to accompany the singers.  This day, all were female, but males had also auditioned.  One was really good, but may not come back because of family (religious) consideration.  The first singer that I heard was great.  I did not take her photo, however, because I did not want to embarrass her.  Hila came in a few minutes later and started video-ing, so I knew it was OK to take pictures.  Here are the others I listened to, many of whom joined Art City activities before Yom Haatzmaut and the 60th anniversary of the town, and participated in the events.  Some are in the production group, and Hila had not realized that they could sing!

This young woman was very shy at first but came alive as Guy coaxed her to sing loader as he played drums to accompany her.

This young woman had a powerful and emotional voice

It was interesting to see how their worked with the singers, having them try in different keys too.  One young woman had a sensual voice but had trouble staying on key.  Although they were nervous, most didn't show it.
This gal is from Kiryat Malachi and is serving in National Service (in lieu of the army) elsewhere.  She came back to town to audition.  I could see her maturity in her singing.  She is 19 and a half....and emphasized that she was not close to 20, the cutoff age!

The final audition is on July 29 at noon. 

Of the 40 or so teens auditioning for Kohav Nolad, the judges need to pick ten.  Then those ten practice before the big show in the 2nd half of August.  I wish I were here to see it.  (Hof Ashkelon is having a similar event on a smaller scale on July 27, whick I plan to go to.)

The summer edition of the local newspaper came out a few days ago, and there were more than 3 pages of articles on things for teens.  The first one below is entitled:  What can one do during vacation?
The picture below, of Art City street theater,  is a close up of the picture above in the lower right corner .

The above article is about the bands.

As a final note, the dance group (Tzuza) is working daily to prepare for the Carmiel dance festival the last week of July.

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