Thursday, January 26, 2012

Four Israeli Artists from Hof Ashkelon to Visit Partnership Cities in US: Tucson, Phoenix, and Seattle

Yehudit (Judith) Ogorinsky, Vered Otmy, Ada Bouganim, and Saraleh Haitman  will travel to the US on January 31st, first visiting Phoenix from February 1st to 5th, Tucson from February 1st to 12th, and Seattle from February 10th to 15th.  TTheir visit is part of the People-to-People program of the partnership, a way for Jews in these 3 American cities to interact personally with Israelis in our Partnership region.  They will teach art at Jewish schools and synagogues, in synagues with adults, and talk about their life experiences, art in Israel and the partnership in their region as they visit these three cities.  They also will see art in these three communities and interact with local Jewish artists there.

Yehudit,from Moshav Kochav  Michael, is a well-known artist specializing in mosaics. She made aliya from Minneapolis 40 years ago.   Her work can be seen at .

Vered, from Moshav Geha, specializes in paper mache.  Her work can be seen at  A

Ada , from Nitzan, studied to be an art teacher and now designs sets for special events including B'nai Mitva, weddings, etc. 

Sarale, also from Moshav Geha,  was an art teacher for many years in south-central Israel, taught teachers how to teach art, and also taught film and communication at Sapir College in Sderot.