Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lasting Effects of TIPS Projects--Part 2, a marriage and a brit

In 2009, the Kiryat Malachi Young Adults group formally got off the ground with the formation of a leadership group.  The group since ins inception was very ably directly by Inbal Attal-Cohen.

Of the original 15 people in the leadership group, four remain today, including Einat and Yossi.  Enat grew up on Moshav Shafir.  Although she did not live in Kiryat Malachi, Enat did all of her after- school activities in the town while growing up, so she felt connected to Kiryat Malachi. 

Einat was brought to the Young Adult group in 2009 by a friend, Hila Kordana, who at that time was a staffer for the TIPS-supported project, Art City.  iEnat is a graphic artist, and she has greatly aided the Young Adults by doing all the grapics work for them.

Einat and Yossi, a lifelong resident of Kiryat Malachi and an employee of Pelefon, met in the YA leadership group in 2009 and started dating a year later.  The couple married on July 4, 2012.  Einat moved to Kiryat Malachi then and they live in the Herzl neighborhood, where they also volunteer and have brought new energy to the city.

Yossi and Enat
Without the young adult group, it is doubtful they would have met and gotten married!

Eitay was born and grew up in Kiryat Malachi.  He is a certified teacher, a techie, and also has his own computer store.  He met Hodaya and they were married in early 2011.  He had attended a few meetings of the Young Adult leadership group, and she went to several with him.  She really enjoyed the group, and since them has been the" push" for them to continue to go!  It has been a very good way for her to feel a part of Kiryat Malachi, her new, adopted home.
Hodaya and Eitay
On January 13, 2013, several members of the Young Adult steering committee attended the brit of Eitay and Hodaya's son, Eliyah.
Eitay's Parents and baby Eliyah
Eitay's parents for many years have run  once-a-week  food bank in Kiryat Malachi and distribute food for over 100 families in need on Thursday nights.  Many volunteers from Phoenix, Tucson, and Seattle, over the years, helped in the food bagging on Thursday evenings and  will recognize the photo of the proud grandparents above.

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