Thursday, November 22, 2012

Note From TIPS Israel Chair, Nov 21, 2012

Dear partners and friends,
We hope that we are in the last  night of the rocket attacks.
 I spoke  this week with all the members  our Israel steering committee ,
 to hear how each one has been coping with the situation .
I joined the army  ( Home  Front  Unit ) to help people in our neighborhood, to find shelter in the interior stair cases, in order to be safe.
Most of them are new immigrants from Ethiopia , who needed explanations  and information.
Of course business was not as usual , and we would like to have out routine back.
It was  more difficult  with  the kids .
I would like to thank you again,  for your partnership,  care , concern and support ,
that helped us to overcome .
Lets pray for quite days from now on .

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