Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Artists in Phoenix from Jan 31 to Feb 5th

TIPS Artists visit to Phoenix January 31st to February 5th

After arriving on January 31st in the morning and settling in, the Ada and Yehudit met with approximately 25 teens of the BBYO East Valley Chapter.
On Wednesday February 1st, they were at Shalom Montessori in the morning, interacting with 15 children from kindegarten through 8th grades.  In the afternoon, they were at the Easy Valley Day School, teaching 25 children in first through 8th grades.  In the evening, they attended the Federation annual event.

On Thursday, February 2nd, they spent the morning at the Hebrew Academy, working with approximately 70 children in 5th through 8th grades.

In the afternoon they were at Club J, with 35 younger children.

That night, they spent time with Hebrew High teens.  The teens painted and then helped break up the pottery so that the pieces could be use in mosaics.
First teens painted tiles

breaking pieces

Yehudit demonstrating
How to break pieces
Showing broken piece
The women spent Friday, February 3rd at the Pardes day school, working in coordination with Orit Feinberg, a local mosaic artists.  They worked with 4th through 8th graders, a total of about 140 children.
After a restful Shabbat, on Sunday morning, they taught 30+ children at the Or Chadash Religious School before driving to Tucson to meet their other 2 partners.

Throughout their stay, they worked with the different groups on a community mosaic project, a "Tree of Life."

To see an article in the local Jewish newspaper about the artists, please go to:

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