Monday, January 10, 2011

Arizona Birthright Comes to Hof Ashkelon

Birthright Arizona Visits TIPS Region, January 2011

Thirty eight students from the University of Arizona and Arizona State University visited Hof Ashkelon as part of their birthright/israel trip sponsored by the Jewish Federations. The students visited Nitzan Bet, the temporary home for more than 1,400 former residents of Gaza who were evicted by the Israeli Government in 2005. The students took up 12 stations for a sports day planned by the local community center. Over 60 elementary school aged children came after school to play hockey, basketball, ring toss, boffle, catch with a variety of instruments, and to have their faces made up and engage in crafts. The children had a great time, almost as great as the Arizona students who were able to take a break from constant touring and enjoy time playing with children. Thanks to the staff of the community center and the Hof Ashkelon staff that helped make this happen.

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Jennifer Jakobs said...

I am a recent American immigrant living in Kiryat Malachi. Instead of concerts and entertainment, I see a real need here for help in upgrading parks and helping the community in business building or employment courses. In a matter of a year I have seen small businesses open and close. As for the parks, they are all sand. There is a terrible epidemic here of intestinal worms due to the cats defecating in the sand where the children play. There is a real need for the park grounds to be replaced with recycled materials such as the parks do in America with recycled tire materials. Concerts are nice but the money should really be put to good use.