Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Photography Lessons bring out creativity in KM teens at risk

Bayit Ham is a special place in Kiryat Malachi for teenage girls at risk. It is a safe place for them to go during the day--after school in winters and most of the day and evening in summers. A house mom and social workers help organize activities and help teach the girls to make this place their second home. It has pulled many girls off the streets and help provide better opportunities for them. Over and Above funding has helped this program in the past.

In February as our TIPS steering committee meeting was about to begin, a ceremony was held to open a photo exibit of picture that the girls took during photo classes that they had in their "second home." The exhibit is in the second floor of the Naamat/Yedid building, which is now the Kiryat Malalachi Volunteer Center. You can see some of the pictures and some of the girls and their families in the pictures below.

Photography students and attendees

Speaking for the students

The teacher speaking--she is origially from KM

More Participants and attendees

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