Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gilad Shalit - 1000 days in Captivity

photo by Gil Yohanan (ynet) of the Shalit family in the protest tent in Jerusalem this week

Saturday, March 21, 2009
Today marks 1,000 days of captivity of the soldier Gilad Shalit, held in Gaza by the Hamas movement since June 25, 2006. Shalit was kidnapped by Hamas, Army of Islam and Popular Resistance Committees terrorists in an attack on an IDF outpost at a Gaza crossing, where two other soldiers were killed and a fourth was seriouslywounded.

The date will be commemorated with a mass rally in Jerusalem this evening.

The Hamas has never allowed the International Red Cross to visit Gilad Shalit. which is in direct violation of the Geneva Convention. The Shalit family have no proof of whether he is alive, after Operation Cast Lead or of his physical and psychological condition.

During its final days in office, the Olmert government attempted a last-ditch bid to secure Gilad Shalit's release, through intensive indirect negotations, mediated by Egypt, with Hamas. The negotiations collapsed this week over the Hamas' insistence that Israel free hardcore militants imprisoned in Israeli jails These dangerous terrorists were involved in planning some of the worst terrorist and suicide-bomb attacks that killed many Israeli civilians and have publicly declared that when released they hope to kill more Israelis.
1000 days in captivity.
How much longer?

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