Sunday, January 4, 2009

Message from our Israeli Chair, Rachel Barkai

Thank you for your words and care. It means a lot for us to get them.
Yes, not a dull moment here in our small country.

For the last week - a very long and tiring week- we have been under heavy missile attack.
no need to speak about the fear and worry, the empty cities and the damage that we suffer.
no schools and no open Malls, no outdoor activities ... businesses are shutting down ...
you know it all.

Here in Hof Ashkelon we have arranged different trips for the kids -- for free -- in order to minimize their exposal to the missile attacks.
The trauma centers are loaded with work as well as the medical centers.
The needs in the region are greater than ever.

Time is hard over here, but although it is difficult, we all justify the Israeli act.
It seems like the situation will continue for long weeks.

We pray for peace - we know that only peace will save us - we hope one day there will be someone on their side who will be willing for that as much as we do.
Thank you for being there for us.
It warms our hearts to know we are not alone at this constant survival war.

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