Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hof Ashkelon Update, end of January, 2009

From Hila Levy-Hamami, Youth Director of Hof Ashkelon:

As you know we had a very tense and difficult time in the region during the Gaza war, but as soon as the war ended, we have tried go back to normal life as fast as we can.
This week (starting January 27) we had a counselors' meeting to process our emotions, relive stress and to cherish the hard & good work everyone did. We know more work is needed to prepare for the next time...which will come.
Last night, January 29, we had a rally for "Gilad Shalit" (the Israeli held by Hamas) in Kibbutz Yad Mordechai. Many people from the region attended and called for Gilad's return to Israel.
Today, the region invited 50 teenagers (we had many more) who had volunteered during the war to a show in Tel Aviv. I have to go now because I'm meeting them there.

The following pictures were taken at Moshav Heletz this week, where teens are working on renovating a "caravan" so that they can use it as a youth club. This is one of the three projects in Hof Ashkelon that we are funding from our core monies.outside
Remember my family's story--how they arrived at Heletz from Yemen...and what my father did. This really is an opportunity for this moshav & teens to believe they can achieve their dreams
The rest are inside. It is great to see all these teens participating.