Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Nov 2008 Mission in HOF ASHKELON

Here are pictures from the Phoenix and Tucson visit to Hof Ashkelon and Kiryat Malachi on November 11. Over 70 Americans came for half a day to visit with their Israeli partners, learn about the progress of their programs, and even dedicate a few new projects.

Rachel Barkai, Israel TIPS chair, welcomes Americans

People from the communities got to see where some of their supplemental and regular overseas funds went. Greetings were given by Itai Zeidenberg, Revital Lavy, Yair Farjoun - head of the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council, Dvora Attal, Yaffa Cohen, and Rachel Barkai.

Plaques were unveiled at the Hof Ashkelon White Room, the Emergency Night Health Clinic in Kiryat Malachi, and at the Science Center - all recipients of supplemental funding from different TIPS communities. The municipalities gave gifts to some of the major donors of supplemental projects - Herschel and Jill Rosenzweig, Phyllis Maizlish, Diane and Ron Weintraub.

Phyliss Maizlish and daughters view their gift of the White Room

Revital Lavy explains about the Family Treatment Center

Yair Farjoun, Head of Hof Ashkelon Municipal Council, expresses his feeling of connection to TIPS
Yair thanks Phyliss Maizlish for her contribution to the region

Yair thanks Jill and Herschel Rosenzweig for their contributions

Yair Farjoun, receiving the Phoenix plaque

Yair Farjoun, Head of Hof Ashkelon Municipal Council, welcoming the Tucson Delegation

The Tucson Delegation appreciating the words of Yair Farjoun

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