Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Election Report from Ira Kerem

11th November was Municipal Election Day in Kiryat Malachi. The incumbent mayor, Moti Malka, won 85% of the vote - which is definitely an endorsement of his policies which include active participation with TIPS.
Moti Malka posting his vote
There are 13 members of the city council and the counting is not final but it looks like Moti's independent NES party will win 4 or 5 seats; the National Religious Party will win 2 seats; Shas - the Sephardi very religious party-1 or 2 seats; Labor - 1 or 2 seats; Paz - a small independent party - 1 seat; the Ethiopians had two parties and each one won 1 - Beilinish Ayech, a leading figure amongst the Ethiopians who was once part of the partnership's women's leadership program won one of those seats. Ya'akov who volunteers every day in Yedid helping Ethiopians was second on Beilinish's party list and who came to talk to us in the middle of the election campaign was second on the list and just missed winning a seat.
Nadav Weizman, the brother of Ron Weizman, the director of the community center, ran as the candidate of the Likud and finished with only about 15% of the vote. The Likud did not get a candidate into the city council. In any case, the mayor won an overwhelming vote of confidence. Our relationship with him has improved dramatically in the last 3 years and I believe will only become more mutually beneficial in the future.

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