Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Award Given for Art Contest and Calendar

Avigile Gottlieb, TIPS People-to-People Co-Chair, receiving the Award

On November 12, at the Third International Partnership Conference held at Kfar Hamaccabi in Ramat Gan, our TIPS partnership won one of the four "Awards of Excellence" that were presented this year.

Rachel Barkai, TIPS Israel Chair

Avigile, Orit, and Ira Kerem

Since there are 45 partnerships and many programs, this truly was an honor. We won for our art competition/calendar program. It is the first such award that the region has ever won and thanks must be given to everyone who has worked so hard on this project .

Calendar cover

Hundreds of 5th and 6th graders from the 3 US Jewish communities as well as schools in Kiryat Malachi and Hof Ashkelon participated in the contest, which is help in memory of the late Chuck Simpson of Seattle and Netanel Peretz of Kiryat Malachi. The theme of the competition this year came from the song "G-d Gave You As a Present" by Eitan Masouri and David Halfon. Three top pictures from each region were chosen to be in the calendar. If you are from one of these areas and have not gotten a calendar, check with your Federation representative or Dvora in Kiryat Malachi or Revital in Hof Ashkelon.

The translation of the song follows:

CHORUS G-d gave you, as a present
A huge, wonderful thing
G-d gave you a present
Living on this earth

He gave you day and night
Love, hope and a dream
Summer, winter, autumn, spring
And a good soul to look around
He gave you green fields
Flowers and blooming trees
Rivers, brooks and seas
Heaven, moon and stars
G-d gave you..

He gave you high holidays and the Sabbath
He gave you Israel , our fathers' land
Hands and a head to fulfil dreams

He gave you all the wonders
He gave you such beautiful things
To bring kids to this world

Listen to the songs, to see the colours O G-d, so many are your deeds
G-d, give me only one more present
A small but wonderful present G-d,
give me only one more present
Give peace upon the face of this earth

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