Friday, September 26, 2008

Youth from the TIPS region volunteer at camp in Kiryat Malachi

For 3 weeks in July, 2008, Chelsey Saperstein from Phoenix (a student of the University of Arizona), Elizabeth Mitchel (studying at University of British Columbia) and Darrin Levin (studying at University of Washington) from Seattle, and Ariella Youdelman (studying at Pima Community College) from Tucson helped a group of upper elementary students improve their oral English skills through games, songs, role playing, and art activities.

Ariella, Beth, Darrin, Chelsey, leading a song

Teaching a cheer
The program was sponsored by the Matnas (community center).

Labeling lots of body parts

The four also stayed with host families.

Host mom, Balainish Ayech, and the building where she lives

The experience gave students a chance to see Israelis as they live, quite a different experience than what one sees while on a tour. They also were able to make friendships with peers, that we hope will continue for many years. (Written by Dina Tanners, Seattle)

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